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We’ve been with CRBs since the beginning, pioneering quality banking services. Discover how our proven expertise can help your cannabis, hemp, CBD or ancillary business thrive. We provide banking services to the entire marijuana industry!

It’s bigger than banking

Help make communities safer and local economies stronger. Become a forward thinking of financial institution serving a fast-growing, innovative industry.

Why bank with us?

We’ve validated and processed $8 billion in
cannabis-related funds since 2015.


√ 6+ years unparalleled banking experience with proven expertise.
√ Experienced cannabis banking professionals.
√ Diverse services to meet all your business banking needs.
√ Over $8 billion in cannabis-related funds mananged and processed since 2015.





Safe Harbor has been a partner in navigating safely and compliantly the complicated banking landscape for cannabis companies. With their reliable banking solutions, we’ve been able to focus on growing our business and better serving our customers and patients.

Native Roots Cannabis Co.


Safe Harbor takes an active role in helping us remain compliant and connecting us with other financial service providers they’ve vetted. Safe Harbor has been an undeniable part of our company’s success...a partner we’ve come to rely on.

Igadi, Ltd.


As an early leader, Safe Harbor paved the way for compliant cannabis banking and continues to lead to this day. Partnering with them has been critical to our success as a growing cannabis company.

Green Man Cannabis, Author, Big Weed



Our groundbreaking services, exceptional team, legislative efforts and overall success frequently make the news. Below are a few of our most recent headlines, but be sure to visit our newsroom to see all Safe Harbor’s notable and press worthy endeavors.

Sundie Seefried

Sundie Seefried Named Top Twenty Dynamic CEO

Named by Cannabis Business Executive—Sundie Seefried designed a full scope Cannabis Banking Program in 2015 that has withstood the scrutiny of 10 federal and state exams and has realized great… Read More
Best Seller

Navigating Safe Harbor

After Colorado voters approved the sale and use of medicinal and recreational cannabis, the state’s landscape was changed. Suddenly, dispensaries and grow houses were everywhere, and customers num- bered in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands. But federal laws make it difficult for cannabis businesses to open checking or savings accounts in federally… Read More
Essential Reading

Where Pot Entrepreneurs Go When the Banks Just Say No

As the legal markets for marijuana spread, a small Credit Union is solving a big problem: what to do with all the cash… Read More


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