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Cannabis Payment Services

Cannabis Payment Services

A successful cannabis business has to offer not only a great product, but a great shopping experience. Convenient payment options are a big part of the shopping experience your customers desire, but it hasn’t always been easy for cannabis businesses to offer all the payment options that other businesses do.

Now, Safe Harbor Financial is helping to pioneer convenient payment options for all cannabis businesses. Provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether they’re a medical marijuana or adult recreational use customer. We integrate our cannabis payment service providers and solutions with our Cannabis Banking Solutions™ Platform to make sure taking payments is as simple and straightforward for you as for your customers. Plus, we offer competitive rates. Our long history in the cannabis industry has taught us how to be efficient. We can offer services more affordably because we know the industry as insiders.

Please call 303-431-3435 or contact us online to get started offering more payment options for your cannabis customers.

Accept a Wide Range of Payments

These days, customers don’t want to get bogged down by restrictive payment terms. In the past, cannabis businesses could only accept cash. However, thanks to the pioneering work of Safe Harbor and other institutions, we have established a framework that lets you accept more types of payments at your cannabis business. We don’t force you to accept any one payment provider which allows our clients flexibility. You’ll be able to take:

  • Cash
  • Debit cards
  • Online payments
  • Smartphone payments
  • ACH Payments
  • Wallet Payments

As a legal business performing legal transactions with your legal customers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to offer multiple payment options. These convenient options will keep customers happy and improve the odds that they will come back.

More Convenient Cash Payments

Although the industry is changing, cash payments will still make up a large portion of your receipts. Safe Harbor makes your cash more convenient – and safer. Reliable, proven couriers can pick up your cash and securely deliver it for deposit. Secure cash pick-up and delivery make your business and your community safer. When you feel safe taking cash, it makes your customers feel safer and more welcome.

Smartphone Payments

If there’s one convenient accessory that everyone carries, it’s their smartphone. People are increasingly finding that they love using their smartphones as everything: camera, car keys, and even their wallet. When they can make payments as easily at your dispensary as at any other business, it improves opportunity shopping, a lucrative part of the adult recreational use cannabis market.

An Integrated Payment Platform

When you bank with Safe Harbor Financial, you can take advantage of the ease and convenience of our Cannabis Banking Solutions™ Platform. This unified platform combines all aspects of your operations, including cash business and other forms of payment into a single, seamless flow.

Payments using these other methods will become available quickly. It takes a day in most cases. That’s as fast as – or faster than – cash payments, when you factor in counting, recounting, and delivery. With the added convenience to attract and retain customers, this will help make your business more profitable.

In addition, these payments actually help your business remain accountable and compliant, increasing the transparency of your operations. This improves the safety of your profits. Operating in the open makes your money more secure.

By combining all these payments together on a single platform, you also get the benefit of in-depth statistics. You can come to understand your business better and pursue ways to improve efficiency and sales. You can consider strategies like integrating loyalty incentives and other tactics that help you attract and retain customers.

A Cannabis Financial Service Provider That’s Part of the Cannabis Community

Safe Harbor Financial is one of the pioneers in cannabis banking. We believe strongly that cannabis businesses bring a lot to their community. They provide relief and recreation to their customers. They also provide jobs and attract investment, often in communities where it is sorely needed. In return, cannabis businesses should be able to expect respect, or at least, safe, affordable banking.

That’s what we provide: safe banking solutions at an affordable cost. Our compliance protocols are well-established, helping to ensure that your money is safe – it’s your money legally and can be used for all legal purposes. Plus, our experience in the industry has helped us develop good approaches to all the challenges of cannabis business banking. Our unique Cannabis Banking Solutions™ Platform is an industry leader that continues to improve. As our costs improve, we pass the savings on to our clients, with competitive rates for our services that come down whenever conditions permit.

Plus, we offer a personal banking touch. Your cannabis business advisor will get to know your business in detail. This isn’t just a one-way street, either. You’ll get their personal mobile number and can call them to ask questions or get help with banking problems as they arise. They’ll help you anticipate and head off potential compliance issues so you can enjoy the security that your hard-earned money is well and truly yours.

Want to learn more about offering more payment options to your cannabis customers? Please call 303-431-3435 or use our online form to get in touch with Safe Harbor Financial today.

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