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Our Team

Management Team

What’s a captain without her crew? Moreover, what is a captain without her ship? Put our dedicated crew to work for you and your cannabis business.

Sundie Seefried

Chief Executive Officer

Safe Harbor Financial is the brainchild of Sundie Seefried, CEO of Safe Harbor Financial. A 35-year veteran of the credit union industry, in 2014, she saw that CRBs needed financial services and that Colorado communities would be safer if the new industry had access to banking solutions.

About Sundie Seefried

Paul Penney - Chief Investment Officer

Paul Penney, CPA is an experienced institutional equity and debt investor, research analyst, and private company executive. As the first equity analyst to officially cover the publicly trading cannabis sector and former CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of an emerging markets & cannabis fund, Paul has developed a deep and meaningful relationships across the cannabis industry. As the CIO of Safe Harbor Financial, Paul will be responsible for running the company’s senior secured lending efforts, as well as being actively involved in institutional investor communications and M&A related efforts.

Donnie Emmi - Chief Legal Officer

Donnie Emmi began his professional career working for an investment banking firm on Wall Street. He moved to Colorado in 2008 just as cannabis businesses began to emerge, and for more than 12 years, Donnie’s business has been focused on assisting cannabis companies succeed in a highly regulated and scrutinized environment. As a board member, legal advisor, and business consultant, he regularly provided legal and strategic advice to celebrity brands, publicly traded companies, private equity firms, and financial institutions. Donnie has been working with Safe Harbor since early 2016 as an attorney and advisor.

Tyler Beuerlein – Chief Strategic Business Development Officer

In his role at Safe Harbor Financial as Chief Strategic Business Development Officer, Tyler leverages his extensive experience in building brands, managing key relationships and strategic partnerships. Tyler has been at the forefront of the cannabis industry over eight years and touches Financial Institutions, Government Officials, Regulatory Bodies and the State Legal Cannabis industry.

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