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Business Loans

Apply for a loan from Safe Harbor Financial to take your business to the next level. With customized financial solutions and a wide range of loan options, we’re ready to help your business grow.

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Cannabis Business Loans

We know the difficulties individuals face while working the cannabis industry. Whether you’re working with cannabis/marijuana, hemp, or CBD, there’s a seemingly insurmountable mountain of regulatory and financial challenges to manage.

It’s why Safe Harbor Financial was founded. We not only help existing cannabis business clients, but welcome new cannabis and ancillary businesses across the country. We’re always ready to assist cannabis businesses in building their brand and business model.

We service all types of cannabis businesses:

  • Growers, manufacturers, and CBD extraction
  • Cannabis biotechnology firms
  • Dispensaries and retailers
  • Cannabis associations
  • Service companies
  • Cannabis industry consultants
  • Landlords and ancillary

Commercial property is critical to success in all avenues of the cannabis industry. Growers and manufacturers need premises to store plants and equipment. Dispensaries need retail sites. Even service companies can require office space for administration or distribution.

How to Apply

If you are already a client of Safe Harbor Financial, reach out to your client service advisor to discuss lending options and begin your application. We will need the following information:

  • All business documents and relevant information
  • Tax ID Number
  • A brief description of the use of funds
  • Business license
  • Type of loan needed
  • Personal credit history

If you’re not a Safe Harbor Financial client, getting started is easy. Open your account below!

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Our Cannabis Business Loan Benefits

We’re not just one of the only financial institutions offering cannabis business loans, we’re also the best. After years of honing our services, we’ve created a lending program optimized to help cannabis businesses succeed.

  • Quick and easy consultation
    Schedule a quick and easy consultation to review your business needs. If everything looks good, we’ll proceed with the next steps which is filling out your application.
  • Processed application within 30 days
    We process all applications as soon as possible so that you can plan your business’s future, but our target turnaround is 30 days. Of course, this depends on submission of documentation and other client assistance to move swiftly through the process.
  • Reasonable interest rates and terms
    We don’t strangle future growth with excessive payments and untenable loan terms which the industry has seen in the past. We want to ensure you have a loan that suits your needs and allows for your success.
  • Same financial institution for your banking
    We manage all the financial aspects of your business; no juggling multiple lenders and banks. It’s our goal to create a “one stop shop” of services to meet your needs and keep you on a path to success. Safe Harbor’s proven process has provided our clients with reliable banking solutions for the last 7 years.
  • Reliable regulatory compliance
    All our loans, just like our depository services, are compliant with federal- and state-level regulations. We have successfully completed 16 state and federal regulatory examinations to ensure your continuity of banking services.

Factors Affecting Cannabis Business Loan Success

When processing a loan application, we will conduct a full business and personal credit review as well as background checks and other due diligence. Criteria for granting loans includes:

cannabis business loan

  • Value and Availability of Collateral
    Cannabis business loans are often secured by a first mortgage or deed of trust on real estate that contains an operating cannabis business. The value of this real estate and the equity available to pledge as collateral will be the most significant factor in how much you are able to borrow money for your cannabis business.
  • Business History and Ability to Repay
    Cannabis loans contain additional risk due to the Federal legal status of cannabis, so it is important to prove your company’s ability to repay in a timely manner. We’ll work with you to analyze your cash flow and other financial statements to create an attainable plan. It is best to be able to demonstrate two or more years of profitable operation before beginning to look for a loan.
  • No history of compliance violations, tax issues, or bankruptcies
    A prior compliance issue such as a license revocation or suspension may make it difficult to obtain approval for a loan. Additionally, financial matters such as a tax lien or bankruptcy years make the loan process more challenging and may impact your ability to borrow.

We welcome your application for a cannabis business loan and/or a loan secured by cannabis-occupied real estate. Once you apply, please note that we may wish to inspect the property and conduct a face-to-face interview, along with other customary due diligence. We understand that timing is critical to meet your business objectives and we strive to process all loan applications in a timely and efficient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our business loans? Schedule a consultation or take a look at our frequently asked questions below.

What Is a Cannabis Business Loan? +

Cannabis business loans are specifically tailored to the needs of the cannabis industry. Like traditional loans, they provide a cash injection into your business.

At Safe Harbor Financial, we specialize in cannabis business loans that are secured commercial real estate, with options for small business owner-operators, real estate investors, and even multistate operators.

How long will it take to get a loan? +

Our goal is to turn around the process inside of 30 days. However, this is dependent upon a concerted effort between your company and underwriting to stay on a process created to meet that target to include submission of required paperwork, site inspections, environmental reviews, and other factors depending on the type of loan.

How do I apply for a loan? +
  1. Fill out our pre-application form and chat with our team to see if you qualify.
  2. Let your banker know you are applying so they can help provide the information you need.
  3. Submit documentation as requested so that we can evaluate your loan request and let you know what options you may have.
What types of businesses will you consider for a loan? +

We will consider all types of operators in the cannabis industry to include licensed operators and ancillary service providers:

  • Medicinal & Retail Marijuana Dispensary
  • Medicinal & Retail Marijuana Cultivation
  • Medicinal & Retail Marijuana Product Manufacturer
  • Medicinal & Retail Marijuana Testing Facility
  • Medicinal & Retail Marijuana Transporter
  • Medicinal & Retail Marijuana Operator
  • Ancillary Services and Product Providers to the industry
Can I acquire a loan from any bank or financial institution? +

No. Due to the illegality at the federal level, all major banks and financial institutions face penalization if found to be associating with cannabis-related businesses. Therefore, almost all cannabis business loans are granted by smaller financial institutions like Safe Harbor Financial.

However, the upside is that we are dedicated and experienced in the cannabis industry, providing unparalleled insights and advice you won’t find anywhere else.

Can I use the loan for working capital or equipment financing? +

This depends on the company, where you are in your business cycle, ability to expand and repay. This will be considered early in the process so you can determine the best use of cash. Deals are structured to ensure successful repayment ability at terms that work for each individual client.

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