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Ancillary Cannabis Banking

Our dedicated Ancillary Cannabis Banking Solutions cater to businesses offering crucial services to this expanding sector.

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There is enough to do for your cannabis-related business without all the financial runarounds – cash transactions, lending hurdles, and banks that avoid you. 

Financial services should be as easy for ancillary businesses as they are for any other industry. But providers that don’t understand cannabis and regulations make doing your job harder. 

Safe Harbor Financial’s efficient banking, payments, and merchant services are purpose-built for ancillary cannabis companies. And by enabling cutting-edge technology that streamlines compliance and control, companies can boost efficiency while keeping costs low. 

Focus on growing your business with simple and reliable banking and financial services from the 21st century.

  • Access to FDIC-insured bank accounts
  • Get paid and pay vendors reliably and electronically
  • Speed up electronic B2B and retail transactions with merchant services
  • Stay organized and in control with simple, yet powerful, online dashboards
  • Streamline processes with alerts and workflows
  • Spend less on financial compliance

Get Started With Cannabis Financial Services

  • Manage your finances 24/7 via Safe Harbor Financial Online Banking
  • Schedule and send payments to vendors and suppliers
  • Deposit checks on mobile
  • Accept electronic wholesale or retail payments via ACH
  • Secure, safe and compliant
  • Automated and efficient compliance reporting
  • Priced affordably to improve access to financial services

Compliant Banking

Affordably secure your cash, pay and get paid with cannabis-friendly, FDIC-insured bank accounts.

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Treasury Services

Get paid and pay your bills like any other business – quickly and electronically.

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Merchant Services

Streamline billing and reduce cash by accepting credit and debit card transactions.

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Get Started With Cannabis Financial Services

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