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Payment Services

Empower your cannabis business with specialized Payment Services, offering cutting-edge payment solutions designed to streamline transactions, enhance efficiency, and promote growth in the dynamic cannabis industry.

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Research shows that customers spend more when they can use plastic – so give the people what they want. With Safe Harbor Financial’s debit processing capabilities, companies can increase transaction counts and ticket amounts with no additional cost. And less cash volume means fewer expenses to manage it. Win. Win.  

Don’t stand in the way of your profit.

  • Debit transactions for in-store, curbside and delivery 
  • Boost revenues by over 8% when customers use cards 
  • Reduce cash handling by up to 40% for a safer and leaner operation
  • System sets up in one week with custom support from a dedicated representative 
  • No more guessing at numbers – predictably settle your bank accounts

Elevate your customers’ experiences.
Drive additional revenue.

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Increasingly, consumers are looking for a more sophisticated cannabis buying experience. Being forced to transact in cash means more inconvenience and less spending.

Give your customers more of what they want with card processing capabilities while reducing the need for cash. 

Add Payment Services and get the same benefits as mainstream businesses without raising operating costs.

  • Predictably settle retail payments faster
  • Boost basket size by 25% by offering cashless payments
  • Reduce cash volume handled by 40%
  • Countertop and mobile options to support curbside or delivery

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