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Personal Service Advisors

personal service advisor personal bankerPersonal Service Advisors

No two businesses are alike. For cannabis-related businesses, there are unique challenges and obstacles to overcome.

With your own personal service provider or personal banker, you can navigate the complex financial and regulatory landscape with ease.

You’ll also have access to the latest insights to optimize your business and keep growing.

What is a Personal Service Advisor?

A personal service advisor handles the accounts of new and existing customers. Whether you’re a fledgling start-up wanting to open an account or a loyal client in need of assistance with your banking or financial needs, personal bankers are ready to support and assist.

We can help you with a wide range of cannabis banking needs, including:

  • Opening checking and savings accounts
    Reduce the stress and difficulty during the application phase.
  • Obtaining commercial property loans
    Receive key information about how to optimize your loan application.
  • Information about the bank’s systems
    Inside knowledge about how the bank functions and the services it can offer.
  • Access to investment opportunities or business expansion
    Insights from out trusted third party experience to help you invest according to your company’s needs.
  • Cash courier options
    No two cannabis businesses are the same. We will work with you to make sure your cash is handled legally and properly.
  • Payment options
    Keep your accounts up to date with fast and easy to use payment systems.

Personal Service Advisors at Safe Harbor Financial

At Safe Harbor Financial, we know the financial difficulties of cannabis-related businesses. We understand why these businesses can struggle to access even the most basic financial services. It’s why we provide all our customers with direct access to a Safe Harbor personal service advisor.

We are the only fintech company providing personal service advisors.

In fact, every Safe Harbor account comes with a dedicated personal service advisor. We know you don’t want to explain the details of your business every time you have a problem. You want a dedicated personal banker who understands your business’s history and needs, and who can anticipate and accommodate your requests.

Benefits of Personal Service Advisors

Running a cannabis business isn’t simple. That’s why you need a personal cannabis banker. With over 7+ years in the sector, our industry-leading experts are ready to help you with all your financial needs:

  • Year-round access to industry-leading expertise
    Our bankers are always ready to give you the best advice no matter your problem.
  • Focus on state and federal regulatory banking compliance
    Our bankers are trained regularly and thoroughly on state and federal banking regulations to ensure your continuity of banking while we navigate the regulatory obligations.
  • Dedicated to your unique business needs
    Once our expert onboarding staff provides a completed due diligence package, we assign a personal service advisor from the moment you open your account.
  • No call centers. No automated messages. No long waiting times.
    Cut out the middle-man, and access our team directly. Your options include cell phone, email, text and even walk in service if you are local.

We’re committed to providing the best customer service for cannabis businesses – not just in Colorado, but the entire nation. With our expert advice, you can bank safely and with peace of mind that your funds are banked in the most compliant and proven manner that exists in the cannabis financial service industry.

Bank with the Best

Safe Harbor Financial was founded with a simple mission: to provide cannabis businesses with the financial services they need to succeed. All our personal bankers share this belief. They’re dedicated to guaranteeing you have the best financial advice.

Many of our staff members have been with us since the beginning. However, just as the cannabis industry is experiencing rapid growth, we are too. We’re always bringing onboard the best talent available in the industry.

We know every single personal service advisor has the experience and knowledge to provide your cannabis business with a personalized and practical financial services. Whether you need advice developing your business strategy or access to the latest regulatory information, we’re ready to support your business.

Your business can reach its potential with our team of excellent personal bankers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account? +

Opening an account with Safe Harbor is easier than ever. Submit an application containing all the relevant documentation, and we’ll start processing your business. The application process involves background checks, a face-to-face interview, site inspections, and an in-depth business review. Our expert onboarding team will walk you through the entire process and provide answers to your questions along the way.

Who is assigned as my personal banker? +

A personal banker is assigned to your account when you first join Safe Harbor. If, for whatever reason, your personal banker is removed from your account, we will always inform you in advance and assign you a new team member. All our personal service advisors possess the extensive experience you need from a cannabis banker.

Does everyone get a personal banker? +

Yes. So long as you have a Safe Harbor account, you will have access to a personal banker.

When can I contact my personal banker? +

You can schedule a meeting with your personal banker whenever it is necessary. We try to deliver over-the-top customer support. Whatever your needs, your personal banker will be available to offer support and advice.

Will my personal banker handle my loan application? +

Your personal banker can advise and assist you in preparing for a loan application. However, it will be processed by our expert loan staff to ensure you have the most accurate and specialized answers.

Please contact Safe Harbor Financial today to schedule a consultation.

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