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Oklahoma City Cannabis Banking

Join Safe Harbor Financial today. For marijuana banking in Oklahoma City, no institution has greater experience in handling your financial affairs.

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We were conceived back in 2015 with a single aim: to deliver reliable and compliant financial services to an industry starved of banking. Indeed, while states have loosened their legislative grip on the cannabis industry – with medical marijuana use now legal in Oklahoma – there has been no such change at the federal level. Because of this, major financial institutions will not engage with cannabis-related businesses.

Enter Safe Harbor Financial – we bridge this divide, liaising with regulators, legislators, and law enforcement to deliver bespoke financial services to all cannabis-related industries. 

Our Oklahoma City cannabis banking services include checking and savings accounts, online banking, consumer payments, electronic tax payments, direct deposit payroll, and more.

After over seven years of delivering impeccable financial services, we’re an industry-leading institution with a reputation for personalized banking and unparalleled regulatory compliance. We appreciate that financial services aren’t a luxury but a necessity – and that for the cannabis industry, accountability and transparency remain paramount. 

Let our team of experts bring your business to life – join Safe Harbor Financial.

Oklahoma City Cannabis Banking Services

Banking is the bedrock of any business’s growth – from basic services like checking accounts to the loans needed to expand your company. For too long, cannabis banking in Oklahoma City has poorly served the burgeoning sector – not just in the cannabis industry but also in CBD and hemp banking in Oklahoma City. Moreover, we’ve refined our financial services to meet the needs of all cannabis-related businesses. Here are some of the services you can expect:

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Online banking with 24/7 account access
  • Consumer payments
  • Electronic tax payments
  • Cash management accounts
  • Cash pick-up and delivery services
  • Investment options
  • Employee accounts
  • Direct deposit payroll
  • ACH payments and origination options
  • Wire Services
  • Financing
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We deliver unmatched marijuana banking in Oklahoma City

The legalities of the cannabis industry in Oklahoma City are complex matters. While Oklahoma became the 30th US state to legalize the medical use of cannabis, the recreational use of cannabis remains illegal. In addition to the legalization of medical marijuana (through a state-issued license), the year prior, the sale of CBD oil (with less than 0.3% THC) produced from industrial hemp became legal.

For businesses operating under this regulatory framework, ensuring they are 100% regulatory compliant is essential. Safe Harbor Financial specializes in regulatory compliance, tailoring our personalized cannabis services to your location and sector

Indeed, through our team of personal bankers, we help businesses navigate the patchwork of cannabis laws in place across the US. Whether you’re involved in hemp, CBD, or cannabis, our full range of financial services is at your disposal.

Contact our team for further information about the service we offer – and how to apply. It’s time to join a bank that can take your business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Safe Harbor Financial? +

You’ll need to complete the application process to join Safe Harbor Financial. Please follow these steps:

  1. Submit your application
  2. We perform a document check and due diligence
  3. We conduct an interview, site inspection, and an in-depth business review

Alongside your application, we’ll need all the relevant marijuana-related documentation. Please include:

  • All business documents (including bylaws and operating agreement)
  • Your marijuana license or certificate and a complete copy of your license application
  • Your IRS EIN Certification Letter

Please get in touch with our team for any further questions about Safe Harbor or the application process.

Why do I need cannabis banking in Oklahoma City? +

Without access to basic financial services, businesses struggle to grow. Through our cannabis and hemp banking in Oklahoma City, you’ll be protected from thieves, remain 100% regulatory compliant, and gain access to loans and other services needed to support your expanding businesses.

Do you offer loans to cannabis-related businesses? +

Yes. Our loans are available to all our clients so long as they meet our requirements. You will need to complete an application when seeking a loan. Please inform your personal banker about your application, as they’ll monitor its progress. We aim to turn around all applications within a 30-day window – conducting a thorough interview and document check during this period.