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Top 5 LinkedIn Cannabis Groups for Professional Networking

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you: it’s not just what you know; it’s who you know. Networking is the key to building your business, expanding your clients, and finding new suppliers
That’s where LinkedIn cannabis groups come in. LinkedIn is professionals’ preferred social media platform. It’s where we meet fellow industry colleagues and experts who can advise and help us. You’ll find information about cannabis expos, events, and discussions shared in the top LinkedIn cannabis groups. There are even groups for cannabis lawyers and accountants.

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Below we’ll list the top five LinkedIn Cannabis groups you can use to stay connected.


Top 5 LinkedIn Cannabis Groups for Professional Networking


Cannabis Investors & Entrepreneurs


You’ll find over 38,000 members in Cannabis Investors & Entrepreneurs – making it one of the largest LinkedIn cannabis groups. It’s a place for cannabis investors and entrepreneurs to network and exchange ideas.

You’ll find industry experts and business leaders with whom you can discuss the latest news or gain insider advice. There’s even excellent info about investing in cannabis stocks. There’s something for all cannabis professionals with a diverse and exciting userbase. Nor is it only small businesses – some of the leading entrepreneurs for every type of cannabis business frequent the group.

It’ll also give you top access and insight into the most prominent names and which companies you need to watch as the industry expands.

If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge and networking with like-minded professionals, you need to join this group. It’s administered by Alan Brochstein – a cannabis industry analyst since 2013 – and Joe T. – a partner at New Cannabis Ventures.


Cannabis Industry Journal

Few cannabis LinkedIn groups provide the sheer level of resources and benefits of the Cannabis Industry Journal. Functioning as an extension of Cannabis Industry Journal (www.cannabisindustryjournal.com), a B2B digital trade journal, the group has over 10,000 members.

You’ll find the latest news reports, guides, and resources tailored for cannabis industry professionals. There’s also a free e-newsletter distributed, where you’ll learn about critical industry insights. The group operates the Cannabis Quality Conference and Expo – running from October 17th to 19th, 2022.

Created in Jun 2015, the group remains active and growing. It’s linked with Innovative Publishing – a global leader. As the group says about the company: “With expertise in publishing to a highly regulated market, we are in a unique position to advance the Cannabis Industry.”

It has all you need to know, featuring educational content about the science, technology, and business strategies for medicinal and recreational cannabis use.
It’s run by a fantastic foursome of industry experts, including Rick Biros, President & Founder of Innovative Publish Co., whose expertise extends from food safety tech to the cannabis industry.



The Cannabis Group

Another truly colossal LinkedIn Cannabis group – albeit not the most imaginatively named. The Cannabis Group boasts over 23,000 members interested in expanding their “perspective, skillset, [and] goals” as they establish and evolve their cannabis careers and businesses.

It’s a rapidly growing network of cannabis professionals – and there’s excellent interaction. You’ll discover helpful content providing top tips and resources to grow your cannabis business. It’s also a fantastic place to network – with business partnerships struck every month.

You can also access the Inhale Digest newsletter (www.inhaledigest.com), run by the admin. It contains critical resources for developing your cannabis career and business, conveying curated content from over 32K industry professionals.

As always, there are strict rules against self-promotion. However, you can access sponsorship options through the group’s founder.
Jeff Possiel manages The Cannabis Group. He has extensive experience working to connect people with opportunities and resources throughout the cannabis industry.


Marijuana Investment Professionals

Not all the best groups are the biggest or the most active. Marijuana Investment Professionals – with almost 9,000 members – is tailored towards investing. However, it’s a hub for anyone interested in joining the ever-growing marijuana industry.

As the group’s bio explains:
“As Legalized Marijuana rapidly becomes a reality in America, the massive door of cannabis-infused economic opportunity is opening as well. The Hemp and Cannabis Industries are so popular that it seems as if everyone is ready to quit their jobs and become a farmer or dispensary owner. This group – appropriately named Marijuana Investment Professionals – is meant to be a place where folks can ask questions, post important news, give their opinions, and be among peers.”

You’ll find a friendly and welcoming environment – it’s the perfect place to start building your cannabis network. Ask questions, share content, and discuss topics; few groups benefit from such an active userbase.

It’s all down to the careful admin work of Erin Miller – Rebel consultant at MJ & Hemp Companies – and Debra Friednash – Executive Assistant to CEO at Intergro Bank.
American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

Finally, a group devoted to the medical cannabis community. No matter whether you’re a grower, dispensary operator, or even a nurse or doctor specializing in medical cannabis – this is the community for you. The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis, or AAMC, is a small but active LinkedIn cannabis group. It’s aimed at discussing “patient advocacy, patent rights, and support”. But you can also discuss the latest clinical and medical research with the group’s over 7,000 members.

You’ll find a lively, informed, and open community of medical cannabis professionals ready to support and educate their fellow industry colleagues.

The group was founded in 2011 by Arthur Livermore – Creative Director at Cannabis Wave and Software Developer at Falcon Cove Enterprises LLC. He maintains an active environment where everyone is welcome to contribute, including “health professionals, patients, educators, clergy, caregivers, and community members”.
If you’re involved in medical cannabis, this is a group you have to join.

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