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Arvada Cannabis Banking

Experience high-level marijuana and hemp banking in Arvada with Safe Harbor Financial. We deliver the best financial services and regulatory advice in the nation.

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Here’s a common story: a successful cannabis-related business (CRB) struggles to access financial services. Every major financial institution they contact refuses them due to federal prohibition. Sound familiar? If not, count yourself lucky. CRBs across the nation are currently locked in an underbanking crisis.

The solution: Safe Harbor Financial, one of America’s leading cannabis banks. Conceived in 2015, we have a single aim: to save CRBs from the clutches of the underbanking crisis. Seven years on, we’ve processed more than $12 billion in cannabis-related funds, managed nearly 600 accounts, and operated across 20 states nationwide. 

We’ve earned a reputation for personalized banking, quality regulatory advice, and incredible financial services. Our Arvada cannabis banking services include checking and savings accounts, online banking, consumer payments, electronic tax payments, direct deposit payroll, and more.

We’ve worked with every sector of the cannabis industry. We understand that any connection to cannabis companies can be a barrier to accessing financial services, regardless of whether you’re a dispensary or a cannabis accountant. We welcome everyone. 

Contact our team for further information about becoming a member – take a step towards financial security. 

Arvada cannabis banking services

Running a business without the necessary financial services is more than a headache; it’s a daily nightmare. After speaking to countless CRBs, we know what you need to succeed. 

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Online banking with 24/7 account access
  • Consumer payments
  • Electronic tax payments
  • Cash management accounts
  • Cash pick-up and delivery services
  • Investment options
  • Employee accounts
  • Direct deposit payroll
  • ACH payments and origination options
  • Wire Services
  • Financing
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Experience the forefront of marijuana banking in Arvada

Arvada began when a local prospector struck gold. CRBs opening in Arvada are likely to come to a similar conclusion. Colorado offers one of the most relaxed regulatory environments, supporting CRBs to thrive and expand. But Arvada, in particular, benefits from its close proximity to the Denver metroplex, a fast-growing population, high disposable incomes, and a talented workforce. It’s a cannabis company’s dream.

Few cannabis banks are as familiar with the Colorado cannabis industry as Safe Harbor. We’re a homegrown part of the community, helping numerous local cannabis businesses succeed. Indeed, we understand that Arvada proposes some unique opportunities and challenges to CRBs. 

As a mature cannabis market, local businesses are expanding into high-end and innovative products like vapes, cannabis edibles and drinks, and new strains. That means new regulatory issues and high demand for capital inputs. We specialize in both. Through our superior quality regulatory advice, personal bankers, and impressive loans program, CRBs have every tool they need to grow. 

Become the latest member of the Safe Harbor family – we’re committed to your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Safe Harbor Financial? +

For legal and legitimate CRBs, joining Safe Harbor has never been easier. You’ll need to submit an application via our website. Please follow these steps:

  1. Submit your application
  2. Document check and due diligence
  3. Interview, site inspection, and in-depth business review

We also ask you to submit the relevant documentation when applying:

  • All business documents (including bylaws and operating agreements)
  • Your marijuana license or certificate and a complete copy of your license application
  • Your IRS EIN Certification Letter

Please get in touch with our team for any further questions about Safe Harbor or the application process.

Do you have a loan program? +

Yes. Our generous loans program is available to all bank members. After submitting your application, we’ll complete a full business review and document check within 30 days. 

You’ll need to submit the following documents when applying:

  • All business documents and relevant information
  • Tax ID number
  • A brief description of the use of funds
  • Business License
  • Type of loan needed
  • Personal credit history

For further information, see our loan program page.

Do you serve all types of cannabis businesses? +

Yes. All sectors of the cannabis industry need financial services. That’s why we’re open to everyone, from dispensaries to manufacturers. Our expertise covers the following sectors:

  • Growers, manufacturers, and CBD extraction
  • Cannabis biotechnology firms
  • Dispensaries and retailers
  • Cannabis associations
  • Service companies
  • Cannabis industry consultants
  • Landlords and ancillary