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Cannabis Senior Secured Loans

Cannabis Business Loan Options

We understand that there are many situations where your cannabis business might need a loan. We offer many loan opportunities for clients who have been with Safe Harbor as well welcoming new clients from across the country to apply while opening depository accounts with Safe Harbor. Some of the most common situations where we offer loans include:

  • Purchasing a commercial property
  • Cannabis equipment loans
  • Refinancing an existing commercial loan
  • Cashing-out on an existing commercial property

We can also talk about other potential cannabis business loan opportunities. Please call 303-431-3435 and let us know your needs. We’ll let you know if we can help.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Every cannabis business needs some real estate to set up a dispensary, grow operation, factory, or other support business. Often, location can make all the difference in your success, and the best locations can come at a significant premium. Our commercial real estate loans help you secure the location you know will help make your business a success.

Cannabis Equipment Loans

Starting or expanding a cannabis business may require significant investment in equipment. For grow operations you need lights and either planters/pots or hydroponic equipment. For a dispensary, you need displays, scales, and precise climate controls. Plus, every cannabis business needs equipment for handling and securing money. Our loans give you the capital you need to invest in the equipment that will secure your future.

Refinancing Commercial Loans

In the past, if you were even able to secure a commercial loan, the terms might have been terrible. A high interest rate loan can lead to large monthly payments that suck up your operating capital, making it hard to pay suppliers, employees, and yourself every month. We can help you refinance your loan with better terms, saving you significant money every month, and reducing the overall cost of your loan.

Cashing Out Equity

If an earlier cannabis business loan let you acquire some commercial property, you might have built up significant equity in that property. We can help you turn that equity back into cash that you can reinvest in the business to improve your profitability and growth long-term.

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Here When You Need Us Most

The cannabis industry is still a growth industry, with numerous opportunities for people bright enough to see them and bold enough to pursue them. However, seizing those opportunities often requires capital, and cannabis business loans can be hard to get.

Safe Harbor Financial is here to help. As part of the cannabis business community since 2015, we have helped many businesses grow from start-ups to industry leaders with cannabis dispensary loans, commercial property loans, and even mortgages for business owners. We offer competitive rates for all our loan categories.

If you have a vision that you’re looking to achieve, let us help you get the capital you need. Please call 303-431-3435 or use our online form to start your application process now.

Our Loan Process

If you need a business loan, you can start by contacting an agent or using our online loan application. Once you contact us about a loan, we will follow a five-step process:

  1. Get to understand your goals and needs
  2. Propose possible options
  3. Collect required information
  4. Approval and underwriting
  5. Closing – you get your money!

What does this process look like? It’s easier than you would think!

First, we will work to understand the goals of your business and the needs the loan will provide for. You’ve developed a personal relationship with your advisor who understands the details of your business. It is these unique details that often make a big difference for your loan application.

We’ll then walk you through the different options that might meet your needs. If you qualify, we’ll help you understand how to apply for the best loan option for your business. We’ll figure out which is the best product for your situation.

Next, we’ll help you assemble all the information you need to complete your loan. Depending on the specific loan, we might need additional information not requested in the online form. Your advisor can walk you through all the steps. Although there might be a lot of documentation required, you won’t be going through the process alone.

Looking at your loan application, we will work to assemble funds. Our long history in the cannabis industry makes it easy for us to fund cannabis business loans. It also lets us offer loans with competitive rates because we have a good appreciation of the true risk of your business. At this stage, you’ll get a commitment letter telling you the conditions and terms for approval, including collateral requirements, as well as payment schedule.

If you accept the terms of your commitment letter, we’ll prepare for closing. Bring the final documents required for closing, sign the forms, and get your funds.

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