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Top 6 Cannabis Business Social Networks to Grow Online Footprint

Gone are the days of smoking cannabis in shady locations away from law enforcement. Since the advent of legalization, cannabis users have wanted to meet up, hang out, and relax with like-minded people. While your local dispensary is a fantastic location to meet other cannabis users, there’s also a thriving online world to explore.

Cannabis social networks became a thing almost as soon as legalization took off. Whether it’s reviewing the latest strains, sharing updates with online friends, or keeping track of your favorite dispensary’s posts, cannabis social media is a phenomenally popular success – with millions of daily users.

Even more important are the cannabis business social networks. Here, cannabis business owners can share tips, meet potential business partners, or stay up-to-date with all the latest marijuana-related news stories. 

Here are the best cannabis business social networks currently online:

Top 6 Cannabis Business Social Networks

1. WeedLife

You’ll hear WeedLife referred to as the “cannabis Facebook” – it’s not far off the truth. Created in 2013, the site functions as a business social network and hangout. Users can follow the latest news stories, check out reviews of cannabis products, and read how-to guides. 

For businesses, it’s more than a chance to keep ahead of the latest news; it’s a chance to sample the hottest cannabis trends and spot innovative products before they hit the big time. 

With WeedLife’s eye-catching, constantly updating news feed, you’ll never struggle for something to do. However, WeedLife is more business-to-consumer orientated; to connect with other businesses, head over to MJLink to focus on building business-to-business connections. 

Nevertheless, with thought leaders, millions of cannabis consumers, and endless content to engage with, WeedLife remains the #1 cannabis social network. 

2. GrassCity Forums

GrassCity Forums began life as a space for cannabis growers to discuss their experiences and learn new techniques – in fact, it’s the oldest cannabis social network still going. 

As the industry evolved, so too did this cannabis business social network. It expanded into a one-stop shop for cannabis businesses and users to connect, share stories, and exchange product reviews. With almost 700,000 users, the internet’s #1 marijuana community recently launched an app. 

Despite not being exclusively for growers, it remains an invaluable resource for cultivation businesses. Across the hundreds of different threads and pages, you can learn about indoor and outdoor growing, discuss the latest cannabis-related stories in politics, or just chat with cannabis enthusiasts.

Scanning the different pages is also an excellent way for cannabis businesses to conduct market research. 

3. LeafWire

Founded in 2018, LeafWire is a cannabis social network dedicated to businesses. You’ll find fewer recreational discussions and more emphasis on building a business or investing in the cannabis market.

There are two profile options: cannabis professional or accredited investor.

With a strong push toward connecting potential investors with cannabis businesses, LeafWire can be a life-changing platform for taking your dispensary or cultivation business to the next level. Indeed, there are already 250,000 cannabis-related jobs creating a large pool of potential investors and business owners.

That’s not all: LeafWire also allows you to search for jobs in the cannabis industry or, conversely, post job listings. Rather than weeding through numerous dubious applications, you can focus your search on a talent pool of cannabis professionals.

4. MassRoots

MassRoots isn’t solely a cannabis business social network. Starting life as a way to connect students with other cannabis users, it gradually grew to have more than 1 million current users. Such growth wasn’t without difficulties – especially after Apple initially refused to carry it on the App Store.

It’s now one of the go-to cannabis social networks for businesses and consumers alike. While businesses won’t be able to network easily, they can connect with users, asking them to review and rate certain cannabis brands and other weed-related products.

Think of it as a powerful market research tool – the “Google reviews” for the cannabis market. Moreover, if you list your dispensary on the site, you can access customer analytics to help tailor your marketing and promotions to your target audience.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t a specific cannabis social network. However, despite being the world’s biggest business social media site, it does not censor content. In fact, LinkedIn hosts numerous groups discussing the cannabis business. 

Cannabis businesses can start by creating their own business page. They can then join groups like “The Cannabis Group” or “Cannabis Investors & Entrepreneurs.” Such groups boast tens of thousands of professionals – the perfect opportunity to network, seek advice or find potential investors.

Even better, LinkedIn is tailored toward finding jobs. You can search for relevant professionals, reaching out to see if they’re interested in interviewing for your company. 

And, of course, you can share your business’s cannabis-related news, ideas, and information. As your page grows, so too does your reputation, helping you carve out a niche for your cannabis business online. 

6. CannaSOS

CannaSOS receives more than 400,000 million monthly visitors to its site. Unlike other cannabis social media networks, CannaSOS is dedicated to one thing: its comprehensive database of cannabis strains and extracts. 

While users can find friends, chat in groups, and read the latest 420 articles, the vast library of cannabis-related information proves an invaluable resource for business owners. 

Their database also allows users to search for the nearest dispensary in their area, with links to the dispensary pages. It’s a simple yet effective way to market your business.

Businesses and professionals can also connect and network, asking questions on niche topics in growing and selling. With a wealth of data, CannaSOS is the top destination for high-level discussions about the cannabis industry – and they’ve got the database to prove it.

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