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Top 20 Hemp Business Opportunties & Cannabis Business Ideas

Cannabis entrepreneurs are always looking for new cannabis business ideas and hemp business opportunities. After all, this is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative industries in America. From new strains, edibles, hemp oils, and more, there are always new cannabis ideas to boost your profits and expand your business.

We’ve compiled the biggest and boldest ideas currently floating around the industry. Here are the top 20 hemp business opportunities and cannabis business ideas.

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Hemp Business Opportunities & Cannabis Business Ideas

1. Cosmetics

Cannabis-infused cosmetics are the latest frontier in the industry. With key ingredients, like CBD, being proved to have benefits for chronic pain, arthritis, and skin conditions such as psoriasis, developing a brand of cannabis cosmetics is a savvy cannabis business idea. 

2. Cannabis accessories

The cannabis sub-culture is growing – and that means merch. Cannabis mugs, bags, t-shirts, lanyards, and more are all becoming lucrative revenue sources for cannabis businesses. It’s a sure-fire success when paired with pop culture references and characters. 

3. Hemp food

Hemp oil is widely considered a superfood. While cannabis edibles have stolen the limelight, hemp foods are increasingly a popular product amongst cannabis consumers. Think baked goods, salads, granola, smoothies, and more – it’s all about marketing to the health-conscious.

4. Host a bed and breakfast

Hosting a retreat where people can hike, bike, paint, and more while enjoying their favorite strains is likely to be one of the hottest trends going forward. Keep it exclusive to start with and then expand.

5. Build an App

No business is complete without an app. Developing an app or platform for your dispensary can keep people updated on the latest strains and products – and allow cannabis consumers to purchase your product wherever they go. Think about adding value too, e.g., growing tips and new stories.

6. Sell cannabis art

As cannabis enters the mainstream, expect the art world to embrace the hype. Already there’s fantastic work being produced by clothing designers and cannabis-themed glassblowers. Selling art to consumers – keeping it pop-culture relevant – is a way to stay ahead of the curve.

7. Hemp supplements and medication

Packed with antioxidants and life-boosting compounds, hemp supplements are among the fastest-growing health industries in the US. This is one hemp business opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

8. Start a podcast

Podcasts are where the money is. Discussing the latest CBD, hemp, or cannabis stories is a fantastic way to advertise your brand and make money. Interview industry experts and even local influencers to boost your appeal.

9. CBD-infused snacks

Food is at the forefront of the cannabis industry. Consumers want to eat fun CBD snacks that they know will boost their health in the process. Investing in an extraction device can see a healthy ROI when bulk producing products.

10. Open a CBD restaurant

Why not go all-in? CBD-infused dishes blend health benefits and cannabis into exciting dishes. Already, cannabis chefs are whipping up unique delights in their kitchens. And with special guests and an ever-changing menu, there’s plenty of opportunity in the market.

11. Hemp plastic

Hemp is more than a supplement; it’s an excellent material too. With awareness about plastic waste growing, introducing hemp plastics can turn your business into the solution to a global problem. Plus, hemp is biodegradable – so there’s no waste or environmental damage.

12. Cannabis-themed clothing

Merch means money. Be it simple cannabis leaf tees or marketing your brand’s awesome logo, cannabis clothing is a lucrative side hustle for any marijuana business. Hire talented designers to create phenomenal clothing that’ll fly off the shelves.

13. Hemp clothing

We’re not talking hemp on clothing; we mean clothing made of hemp. Hemp is an incredible alternative to cotton that doesn’t need excessive pesticides or water. It’s also among the most durable fabrics on the planet. Don’t ignore this hemp business opportunity. 

14. Hemp paper

Hemp paper is far more environmentally friendly than wood paper – and it’s faster-growing. In fact, hemp breathes in four times the CO2 compared to trees. Turn waste into profit with this innovative idea. 

15. CBD pet treats

It’s not just humans on the CBD hype. With one in five dogs experiencing some kind of pain, new CBD-infused tinctures, capsules, and other treats can relieve suffering. Pet owners are increasingly aware of the benefits. And topical CBD treatments for pets are another growing market.

16. Cannabis cookbook

Cannabis + food = delicious delights. Why not just take the logical step and write a cannabis cookbook? You can include some of your secret recipes behind your best-selling products, as well as some cannabis twists on the classics. Cannabis pizza, anyone?

17. Host cannabis-themed events

Invite all your customers and locals to a cannabis-friendly event. It can be a summer BBQ or winter chill-out. You can also theme your parties around particular holidays – including the cannabis holiday 4/20. It’s a chance to shift your product in volume!

18. Indoor incubator

Customers want to grow cannabis easily – you can help. Selling indoor pre-made incubators is a lucrative and ingenious way to give your clients a leg-up. Put your company branding on it, and you’ve got another high-value product to shift. 

19. Go cashless

Cashless is the future. With evermore cannabis banking services allowing cashless payments, getting on this cultural shift now will make it easier for your clients to buy your product than ever before. 

20. New strains

Keep your strains rotating – and search out the latest and greatest. One puff of Starberry Cough or Zazaya, and your customers will be coming back for more. It’s an easy sell. Becoming renowned for always having the best new strains is an awesome reputation for any dispensary or grower.

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