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Top 10 Cannabis Podcasts for Industry Professionals

Searching for a cannabis podcast within the professional cannabis industry? There’s a podcast for everything! It’s one of the few industries whose growth rivals even the cannabis sector. In fact, podcast listeners averaged 6 hours, 39 minutes a week in 2020, according to Edison Research. Little wonder! Trawl through the catalog, and you’ll find podcasts for history, music, sport, entertainment, and… of course, cannabis podcasts.

It’s not hard to see the appeal – particularly for industry professionals.

Cannabis podcasts provide expert insights, the latest stories, and longform discussions about the industry’s groundbreaking changes. With the world of cannabis seemingly evolving by the day, listening to a marijuana podcast is the only way to keep up. (Plus, weed-growing podcasts offer incredible tips and tricks from the best growers in the business!)

We’re all avid listeners – it’s how we stay informed. Here are the top ten marijuana podcasts all industry professionals need to tune in to.

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Top 10 Cannabis Podcasts for Industry Professionals

1. The Cannabis Investing Podcast

The Cannabis Investing Podcast does precisely what it says. Host Rena Sherbill is dedicated to producing the best industry insights for investors. By interviewing execs, scientists, and lawyers, the podcast provides accurate and valuable tips for expanding your portfolio and navigating the web of laws and regulations hampering the industry.

Published by Seeking Alpha, this is one marijuana podcast you don’t want to miss.

Start listening on iTunes.

2. The Cannabis Potcast

With 71 episodes covering a broad range of topics, the Cannabis Potcast is one you’ve got to check out. Hosted by Gary Johnston, he provides personal stories and experiences of the cannabis industry. It’s also an excellent weed-growing podcast, with episodes like “Cannabis and The Veteran Farmer” delving into some of the growing issues the industry routinely struggles with.

If you’re looking for a podcast (or “potcast”) that’s as informative as it is engaging – look no further.

Start listening on iTunes.

3. Cannabis Voices

There’s more to cannabis than investment tips. On Mary Biles’s marijuana podcast ‘Cannabis Voices’, she explores the science behind the substance. Speaking to industry pioneers, doctors, activists, research scientists, and patients, she educates about the truth of cannabis’s medicinal applications.

In one engaging podcast, Biles talks with Eloise Theisen – a cannabis nurse and educator – who spent twenty years as a Geriatric Nurse and treated patients with medicinal cannabis. It’s insightful, moving, and eye-opening.

Biles is also a published cannabis writer and author of ‘The CBD Book – The Essential Guide to CBD Oil’.

Start listening on iTunes.

4. NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice

The National Cannabis Association (NCIA) is the industry’s voice. It’s also the creator of an incredible podcast covering the biggest and boldest stories from the cannabis industry. With over 230 episodes, they’ve got an extensive back catalog of engaging discussions with some of the industry’s biggest names – including State Governors.

Hosted by Bethany More, the podcast is a hub of news in the rapidly evolving cannabis landscape.

Start listening on iTunes.

5. Professionally Cannabis

This industry-pioneering cannabis podcast from Oscar Hausman and Jonny Wise delivers not only essential business insights and advice but also dives into the latest medical and scientific research. Each episode involves an intimate interview with a leading figure in the industry – be it a doctor, CEO, or key expert.

You’ll learn about critical policy developments and scientific breakthroughs from the cutting edge of the cannabis world. In one episode, the pair interview Jim Hourigan, CEO of leading California cannabis brand house CannaCraft.

It’s as insightful as it is engaging.

Start listening on iTunes.

6. The Green Entrepreneur Podcast

The Green Entrepreneur is one of the most prominent cannabis magazines in the industry. Its podcast is equally as informative. Host Jonathan Small answers the most forward-thinking questions in the industry, exploring how cannabis entrepreneurs can adapt to the ever-changing market.

If you’ve asked the question before, you can bet this marijuana podcast has answered it.

Start listening on iTunes.

7. CannaInsider Podcast

CannaInsider is among the biggest cannabis podcasts in the world. Led by Matthew Kind, you’ll learn about topics you’ve never considered, from leveraging data to the intricacies of Delta-8 THC.

Starting way back in 2016, the Podcast now has well over 300 episodes (over 100 are available on iTunes). It attracts some of the industry’s more prominent figures, including Brian Gerber, founder of Hempter.

It’s our go-to cannabis podcast, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what you can expect of the industry in the future.

Start listening on iTunes.

8. From Pot to Popular

From Pot to Popular, explores the world of cannabis from an entrepreneurial, financial and journalistic point-of-view. It’s perfect for industry professionals.

Rosie Mattio, the show’s host, covers all kinds of topics, including cannabis investing, building customer loyalty, cannabis legalities, and even sustainable hemp farming. Meaning that it’s also something of a weed-growing podcast.

Mattio is considered among the 35 Most Influential Women in Cannabis – being the Founder and CEO of MATTIO communications, a PR firm dedicated to advocating for the cannabis industry. It’s a passion she brings to every episode.

Start listening on iTunes.

9. Cannabis Science Podcast

Want to know everything about the science behind cannabis? Dr Ricardo Rivera’s Cannabis Science Podcast breaks down the most complex cannabis topics, exploring the answers behind the most salient questions about cannabis.

For both industry professionals and cannabis science enthusiasts, the podcast is fun, engaging, and eminently understandable. Dr Rivera is also a faculty member in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of British Columbia and is joined by chemical engineer Dr Macarena Cataldo. So, you know everything you’re learning is 100% accurate!

Start listening on iTunes.

10. The Cannabis Enigma

It’s time to cut through the smoke. In this incredible podcast, Elana Goldberg and Michael Shaeffer Omer-Man talk about medical marijuana. In over 50 intelligent conversations, they interview chefs, doctors, patients, and families who’ve all experienced incredible benefits from using cannabis.

It’s heart-warming, mind-opening, and deeply educational. If you’re looking to brush up on your cannabis science knowledge, there’s no better place to start.

Start listening on iTunes.

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