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How to Make Your Dispensary Stand Out from Your Competition

Need help figuring out how to make your dispensary stand out from your competition? The cannabis industry is booming. In two short decades, it’s gone from a few million to being valued at over $61 billion in 2021. More and more entrepreneurs are battling to make it big in the most prominent legal states like Colorado and California. It’s why knowing how to make your dispensary stand out is more critical than ever. Just being open isn’t good enough anymore.

Maybe you’re not a new dispensary. Maybe you just want to take your business to the next level. You don’t just want to be a dispensary; you want to be the dispensary—the hottest one in town. The one everyone is always clamoring to go to. 

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In that case, we’re ready to help. In this article, we will explain exactly how to make your dispensary stand out. We’ll talk about how to differentiate your dispensary from your competition and provide some solid tips to enhance your overall marketing strategy.

How to make your dispensary stand out

1. Start producing content

Content creation is perhaps the best way to put your business on the map. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’ll rank on the top page of Google. When a customer has a question like “Top cannabis strains for anxiety”, your article is ready and waiting. 

How it works – first, you need to identify keywords customers search for. You can do this just by searching in Google and seeing the search recommendations. Or you can use a specialist tool like Google Keyword Planner. Next, you’ll want to sprinkle these keywords throughout your content – making sure to add them into titles and subheadings. Then post and wait to rank. 

Through content creation, you become an authority on your topic. When a customer wants to know something, it’s the site they go to. You become a one-stop shop for all their cannabis needs – from info to strains to edibles. Everything! 

And you can promote your content on social media – it’s a win-win strategy. It’s how to make your dispensary stand out.

2. Google My Business

If you don’t have a Google My Business profile, you’re not standing out. Ever wonder how businesses show up in Google Maps? Your customers might have added you. But the best way is to claim your Google My Business profile and keep it updated. Businesses with a GMB profile rank higher in Google’s search algorithm.

So, when your customers search “dispensaries near [area name]”, it’s your business they’re seeing – not your competition! 

You can also update your GMB profile with crucial information. You can take pictures of the dispensary and your product. And you can add info like opening times, contact details, Google reviews, and your address.

3. Social media accounts

No modern business is complete without social media. But you don’t just want to be doing the hard sell – those posts seldom do well. Rather, you want to provide some kind of helpful service. How about a 30-second video showing how to plant cannabis seeds or how to roll a perfect joint. 

By providing a service, your customers keep coming back – you stand out – and your business benefits. 

You can also advertise any upgrades you make to the dispensary or when an exciting new strain comes into the store. The more you post, the more user interaction you generate, the greater your overall impact.

This is how to make your dispensary stand out.

4. Go above and beyond

Nothing attracts customer attention like an unbelievable customer experience. Always focus on delivering the best customer service. Whether you’re answering customer queries on social media or serving customers in-store, taking the time to put your customer first will help you develop a reputation for excellence. 

It’s also a brilliant philosophy for every aspect of your business. Think about your dispensary from the customer’s perspective. Is everything clearly laid out? Is it an inviting and warm environment? What differentiates the business from everywhere else?

In short – would you visit your own business? Do you think it stands out? If not, why not?

5. Run events

Cannabis classes. Vendor pop-ups. Social nights. Whatever your event is, it’s an incredible way to get people down to your dispensary. Such nights are memorable, but they’re also an opportune moment to build customer loyalty. 

Suppose you’re launching a special new strain – kick-off with a bang. Or you can even run holiday specials, creating a festive feel for anyone who comes into the store. 

Nor do you need to keep all the fun in person. Stream your events via your social media channels so any of your customers can tune in. These clips and photos also make engaging social media posts that help set you apart. 

6. Don’t be generic

We’ve all been in dispensaries where it is much like any other one. To stand out, you need to be different. It’s a nerve-wracking proposition. And it should be treated with a little caution – after all, no one business wants to stand out for the wrong reasons. 

Nevertheless, being bold, creative, and unique is rarely a bad thing. You don’t stand out from the crowd by doing the same thing as everyone else. 

In a nutshell – this is your differentiator. It’s the thing you do differently from everyone else. Do you have the newest strains no one else gets? Do your staff have an excellent knowledge base, unlike any other business? Is your dispensary the most chill, most welcoming store in town?

Whatever it is – hone it on it. This is your brand, your USP. It’s what makes your business your business.

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