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10 Best Cannabis Magazines for your Dispensary

Looking for top-tier cannabis magazines for the lobby of your cannabis business? Cannabis is more than just a product; it’s a pop culture icon. Like beer or wine or any consumables, it’s spawned an entire subculture of references, podcasts, clothing, artwork, and cannabis magazines. In fact, just keeping up with all the news and facts about cannabis is a full-time job – and there are tons of incredible cannabis magazines ready and waiting.

No dispensary is complete without stocking the biggest and best cannabis magazines – from High Times to Freedom Leaf.

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10 Best Cannabis Magazines for Your Dispensary

We’ve dived into the world of cannabis journalism, picking out our favorite cannabis magazines that keep us up to date with all the latest news and stories from the world of cannabis. Here are the ten best cannabis magazines every dispensary needs.

1. High Times

It’s a classic. Founded in 1974 by Tom Forcade, it’s not just a cannabis magazine; it’s the cannabis magazine. The New York Times of the cannabis world. This living legend is at the forefront of all the latest developments your customer will want to know about.

From scientific breakthroughs to pop culture references, High Times reports on it all. For the past 42 years, it’s covered every step of cannabis’s evolving story – the highs and the lows!

Subscription: $30 per year, $55 per two years, & $80 per three years.

2. Freedom Leaf

As they say, Freedom Leaf is “the quintessential cannabis culture magazine”. You’ll find celebrity interviews, consumer tips, international and domestic cannabis news, and more. It’s a one-stop shop for all the latest cannabis stories.

Suppose you want to keep abreast of everything happening with cannabis. In that case, Freedom Leaf is one of the few cannabis magazines covering all the biggest news. With stories across all areas – Industry, Law & Politics, Health & Medicine, Entertainment, Digital Issues – there’s truly something for everyone.

Subscription: $20 per year.

3. Cannabis Now

Cannabis Now is relatively young. It was started in 2010 – but it’s expanding rapidly. The periodical boasts over 4.2M followings on social media and growing.

It covers all the news, political happenings, social changes, economic trends, and horticultural advancements emerging in the cannabis world. Their goal is to “enlighten, educate, and entertain”.

With the bi-monthly print magazine available throughout the country, it’s an ideal addition to any dispensary. Maybe you can even be featured?

Subscription: $24 per year.

4. mg Magazine

This monthly magazine is devoted to three core topics: retail, business, and branding. It’s the beating heart of cannabis culture – featuring key stories about the industry’s business side.

It sets the magazine apart.

Unlike your traditional earthy cannabis magazines, mg Magazine is a high-class periodical, reporting only the most prominent stories impacting cannabis businesses. Expect to read about the latest legal changes and cultivation strategies. It adds much-needed diversity to any dispensary’s cannabis magazine collection.

Subscription: $59 per year.

5. Dope Magazine

DOPE, or Defending Our Plant Everywhere, is a magazine with a purpose. They are unabashedly pro-cannabis in their approach, providing on-the-ground stories about how cannabis is shaping US culture.

You’ll read about the ongoing push towards legalization across the states and abroad. You’ll even see stories broken down to a state-by-state level on the site.

Perhaps, best of all, is Dope’s reviews of the latest products and strains. They offer honest, easy-to-read guides to edibles, vapes, strains, and more. Plus, it’s just so damn fun to read.

Only starting in 2011, it’s rapidly becoming a go-to magazine for all cannabis advocates.

Subscription: $36 per year.

6. Green Entrepreneur

You’ve heard of Entrepreneur magazine. Well, they launched a sister brand: Green Entrepreneur – dedicated to discussing all the most significant trends affecting legal & medicinal marijuana entrepreneurs across the country.

You’d be surprised to find how engaged your customers are with the business side. They’re always keen to read about the newest scientific advances or financial stories. It’s why Green Entrepreneur delivers such high-quality coverage of the cannabis industry.

Subscription: $19.99 per year.

7. Cannabis Business Times

Cannabis Business Times are renowned for the impeccable coverage of the growing cannabis industry. Its mission is to “accelerate the success of legal cannabis cultivators”. It’s a goal you’ll find displayed throughout their coverage of legislative, regulatory, and compliance news.

Their analysis of the biggest issues facing the cannabis industry is unparalleled – and the writing is engaging as well. Little wonder, in 2018, the American Society of Business Publication Editors named it Magazine of the Year.

Subscription: You can apply for a free one-year subscription here.

8. Terpenes and Testing Magazine

Cannabis consumers are becoming savvier. Just a few years ago, the difference between Sativa and Indica was as far as most consumers understood. Now, budtenders regularly answer questions on terpenes and testing.

That’s where Terpenes and Testing Magazine comes in.

With in-depth reporting of far-reaching scientific topics, you’ll find everything you need to know about our current cannabis understanding. They feature articles from chemists, horticulturalists and more. If your customers want to learn about high-level cannabis concepts, this is the magazine for them.

Subscription: $48 per year (6 issues)

9. Broccoli Magazine

Broccoli is playful, eclectic, ethereal, and thoughtful. It delivers insightful and informed content about cannabis from a perspective few other magazines cover. Stories branch into explorations of art, culture, and fashion – all through a cannabis lens.

It’s also keen to push women’s – often ignored – role in cannabis. These enlightening stories are a breath of fresh air compared to the usual stodgy journalism.

And the magazine is also a work of art and design – it’s the ultimate dispensary coffee table addition.

Subscription: $39 per year.

10. Grow Magazine

Need a magazine solely devoted to tending to plants? That’s Grow magazine in a nutshell. No self-respecting dispensary is complete without it. They showcase the most advanced breeding techniques, analyze industry problems, and provide innovative solutions.

If you’ve ever wondered if music really helps plants grow or whether the latest grow systems work – Grow magazine has the answers.

Subscription: $39.99 per year or $64.99 per two years.

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