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Service Partners

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Service Partners

Like any thriving business, Safe Harbor Financial has a robust list of service partners so our clients can find the right fit for their business needs.

We help you grow with the support of our strategic partners. Recognized for their expertise, you can count on these companies to further optimize your business.


AeroPay is the leading provider of compliant, contactless payments for the cannabis industry.

With AeroPay, customers can pay for their orders with a simple bank transfer using their own mobile device. The results? Businesses have seen over 25% increased spend per customer and a 30% jump in completed orders.

Join today and give your cannabis business a boost at www.aeropay.com.


CanPay is an industry-leading mobile debit payment app popular amongst cannabis retailers.

Using CanPay services, businesses can safely and reliably accept non-cash payments. Given the hassle and additional payments of retrieving ATM cash, this service reduces time and inconvenience for both cannabis businesses and customers.

It’s a legitimate and stable payment option for all cannabis banking programs. Sign up to CanPay at https://www.canpaydebit.com/.

El Capitan

El Capitan Advisors is a highly-regarded SEC-registered cash management company.

El Capitan supports the balance sheet, cash management, and investment advisory needs for domestic and international financial institutions alongside individual account holders.

With El Capitan, clients can access their core banks’ combined $105+ billion balance sheet and domestic and global banking / global financial services.

For more information, see www.elcapitanadvisors.com.

Track N Pay

Track N Pay has processed payments for regulated and high-risk merchants since 2016.

Track N Pay’s FinTech payment processing platform has a rock-solid reputation for reliability. It offers the full range of payment types and, through customer onboarding, even increases retention. It also supports multiple KTC levels from a single mobile phone, meaning enhanced compliance to keep your business running smoothly.

For further information about Track N Pay, visit www.track-n-pay.com.


Würk enables clients to effectively manage the industry’s rapid growth by providing leading HCM tools and solutions to normalize the cannabis economy.

The company uses its expertise and trusted partnerships to provide guidance on 280E tax law, accounting and banking. Its platform is designed to scale nationally with the industry’s growth while incorporating local laws and regulations unique to individual states.

See the site for further details at www.enjoywurk.com.

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