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LIST: Arkansas dispensaries announce new strategies to serve amidst coronavirus spread

With communities nationwide closing businesses, implementing quarantines, and taking other unprecedented steps to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus aka COVID-19, patients across the country may be wondering how this could impact their access to medical cannabis.  The purpose of this post is to provide information to Arkansas medical cannabis patients about how dispensaries across the state are adapting, and about what changes you might experience.  The good news is that, as of the time of publishing, Arkansas businesses have not been forced into closure or quarantine.  Additionally, the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association and others have been lobbying the governor’s office to ensure that the medical cannabis industry is deemed essential in the event of a shutdown and that dispensaries will be permitted to continue serving patients.  We will do our best to update this list as frequently as possible.  If you notice any information about a dispensary that is incomplete or incorrect, let us know!

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